A quiz on nouns in English


In this post, we try a few MCQs on nouns in English. For your understanding, every question has an explanation too. Also, there is a detailed post on nouns and a video on nouns at the end of the post. Do check them out for a better understanding of nouns in English.


#1. What is a noun?

Explanation: A noun is a name given to someone or something that exists. It may or may not have a physical existence.

#2. Choose the noun from the options.

Explanation: ‘Love’ is one of the few words word that can function as both a noun and a verb.
Ex – I love you. (verb)
Ex – Love can make you do challenging things. (noun)

#3. Which is not a noun from the following options?

Explanation: Brave is an adjective, not a noun. The noun formed from brave is bravery.

#4. Which is not a noun from the options given?

Explanation: It is an adjective.

#5. "Being a father of four children and having this job, it's hard to find time for yourself do things you love." How many nouns does the sentence have?

Explanation: The sentence has 5 nouns in it:
1. Father
2. Children
3. Job
4. Time
5. Things

#6. What is the noun form of the adjective EQUAL?

Explanation: It refers to the state of a situation where everyone is equal.

#7. What can a noun not function as?

Explanation: A verb complement is something that gives information about a verb. It is an adverbial. A noun does not and can’t modify a verb.

#8. Which is not a noun from the options given?

Explanation: it is an adjective that means something is the same in comparison to something else in terms of size/quantity/quality or something else.

#9. Which from the following options is not a plural noun?

Explanation: it is an abstract noun. It does not have a plural form.

#10. Which one from the following is not a singular noun?

Explanation: POLICE is a plural noun.


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