Adjective phrase quiz (MCQs with explanations)

This quiz on adjective phrases tests us and helps us understand what adjective phrases are, how they are formed, what they do in a sentence, what different types of adjective phrases are, and how to identify them.

You can also go through our detailed post on adjective phrases before trying this adjective phrase quiz and gain some understanding of the topic.

I’d suggest that you try the adjective phrase quiz first and then go through the post to gain more clarity.


#1. An adjective phrase is

#2. What is a regular adjective phrase made of?

#3. Which of these phrases can not function as an adjective in a sentence?

#4. "The coach seemed to be very upset with someone." Select the adjective phrase from the sentence.

#5. "All the teachers found my project to highly impressive." Select the adjective phrase from the sentence.

#6. "The boys appear to be somewhat tired." Select the adjective phrase.

#7. "As per as I know, the man in the blue coat teaches at the university." Select the adjective phrase.

#8. "To know about the thievery case, My school friends and I went to the shop owned by Jon the day before yesterday." Select the adjective phrase.

#9. "The right move to make now would be to do nothing and stay home." Select the adjective phrase.

#10. "The school is looking for a good teacher of your age." Select the adjective phrase.

#11. "The guy looking at us works for the company that Ron owns." Select the adjective phrase.

#12. "The man selected for this job comes from Tapu, a small village in Bihar." Select the adjective phrase.

#13. "Despite the pain and exhaustion, all the boys played showed extremely good performance." Select the adjective phrase.

#14. "Some really wonderful ladies were dancing like kids near the beach." Select the adjective phrase.

#15. "The match that was played yesterday at the GSB ground was full of surprises for everyone." Select the adjective phrase.

#16. Working as the head of marketing, Sam has always taken care of the employees of his department and proved to be a highly smart manager." How many adjective phrases does the sentence have?

#17. "People working under me want me to change my way of working and be better." How many adjective phrases does the sentence have?

#18. "After the class, all the students of class B went to a pub to enjoy the last day." How many adjective phrases does the sentence have?

#19. "During the match, The referee pointed out multiple mistakes made by the players." Select the adjective phrase?

#20. "What you did at the conference in front of those people was quite impressive." Select the adjective phrase?


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