Idiomatic expression: OFF THE CHARTS

Meaning of the expression off the charts

Part of speech: adjective

If something is called off the charts, it is considered to be exceptionally good. It meets high standards and is beyond expectations. We often call a thing, an event, or someone’s ability to do something (skills) off the charts; we can’t call someone off the charts.

Also, the expression is usually used in a positive situation but can be used for a negative circumstance too.

Example 1

When it comes to reading the game, there’s no one better than MS Dhoni. His understanding of the game is off the charts.

Example 2

I was not sure how people would react to the product. But the sales we did on the first day were off the charts.

Example 3

There’s no doubt that the food was great, but the bill that came out was off the charts. We were shocked to look at it.

Example 4

He has lost most of his fights because of not having good boxing. But his ground game is off the charts. He has submitted and dominated a lot of champions on the ground.

Example 5

The number of views that the video I posted the day before yesterday got is off the charts. I had never seen such numbers before.

Off the charts meaning and examples
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