Couch potato idiom

Meaning of the idiom ‘couch potato

Meaning: a person who watches a lot of television and does not perform physical activities to a great extent.

Couch potato is an idiomatic expression that refers to a lazy person who spends most of their time lying on a couch/bed, watching television. A couch potato does not engage in physical activities much and likes to sit in a place for a long and binge-watches TV shows and series.

Note that a couch potato spends a great deal of their time watching TV. The binge-watching or watching TV shows and series association is essential to the meaning of this idiom.

Part of speech: noun
Usage: informal

Example 1

Rihana doesn’t like to move from her sofa. She just watches shows and snacks on chocolates and chips all day long. She’s such a couch potato. It’s going to affect her health one day.

Example 2

Akshay: Let’s make Pritam the CR of our class.
Riya: Don’t even think about it. He’s a couch potato. I don’t think he can take the responsibility of a CR.

Example 3

Don’t be a couch potato. Get up from the bed and let’s do something. You have been lying there the whole day and watching stupid shows.

Example 4

Since Raghu is a couch potato, we need to look for someone who can energetically address the meeting this Sunday.

Example 5

It’s better to be single than dating a couch potato.

You can’t live without potato. But if there is any potato that I don’t like, it is a couch potato.

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