Suck up to someone

Meaning of the idiom ‘Suck Up To Someone’

If you suck up to someone, you do or say things to someone in order for the person to like you or give you something in return.

It is an act of flattery, especially to a superior or someone that is in power, in order to get something from the person. You want the person to think of you positively, or want them to praise you, or do something that you want them to do, which could be getting a promotion, money, or any object that you have your eyes on.

Example 1

Sucking up to the management wouldn’t give you this promotion. There are people who have been productive and impactful in their work. These are the people that deserve this promotion, and these are the people who don’t need to suck up to anyone for this as they rightfully deserve it.

Example 2

Everyone in the group hates him, for he is always sucking up to the teachers for good grades. And the unfortunate thing is that it works for him.

Example 3

Sucking up to me would not help you get this job. It is not in my hand.

Example 4

Simran: Try to impress the boss. Compliment him daily and help him in doing his personal work. That would help you get the promotion.

Max: I don’t need to suck up to him to get the promotion. I believe in working for what I want.

Suck up to someone meaning

Additional note:

You aren’t being real or genuine (honest) when you suck up to someone. You just do or say things because you want something from the person. And you suck up a person who has something you want.

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