Meaning of the idiom ‘when pigs fly’

‘When pigs fly’ is an idiomatic expression that refers to something that is never going to occur or take place. So, when you say that something will take place when pigs fly, you mean that it is never going to happen.

Example 1

Rohan: Why don’t you talk to your brother and ask him to stop drinking? He might listen to you.
Max: Everyone has tried that. He will stop drinking when pigs fly. There is no point in wasting our time on him.

Example 2

Ashish: Where is Jamie? Is he awake?
Tina: Are you out of your mind? Have you ever seen him up this early? He will start getting up this early when pigs fly.

Example 3

Ronda: I don’t like you guys calling me a bull. When will you stop doing it?
Her friends: When pigs fly.

Example 4

He will stop sucking up to the boss when pigs fly. That’s how he has been able to keep this job.

Example 5

Anurag Kashyap is notoriously known for criticizing the government, and he will stop doing it only when pigs fly.

Example 6

My mother will start listening to me and do something for her when pigs fly.

When pigs fly meaning

Author’s note: It is not a secret that pigs can’t fly. So, when you say you will do something when pigs fly, you want to figuratively mean that you are not going to do it.

I will stop teaching English and helping people when pigs fly.

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