Meaning of the idiom second to none

If you call something second to none, it is better than everything else in the same area/kind. In other words, you can’t compare it with anything else as it is far better or superior to them.

It is an idiomatic expression that is used for a thing or a quality/skill possessed by a person.

Example 1

I have never seen someone outbox Tom. Floyd’s counterstriking is second to none in boxing.

Example 2

Ashish: I am looking for a video editor. Do you happen to know anyone, Allen?

Allen: There is a guy I know. He might cost you more than what you are willing to pay, but his video editing skills are second to none. He is the best out there.

Example 3

You should come to my place someday and try the butter cookies my mom makes. I promise you that you definitely mustn’t have had anything like that before. They are second to none.

Example 4

If you ever want to learn English the right way, subscribe to English with Ashish and connect with him. His knowledge and understanding of the language is second to none.

Example 5

When it comes to breaking down editorials, his videos are second to none. No one does it better than him.

Example 6

You might have been to so many places and had good Chinese food, but the food this place offers is second to none. The preparation, taste, and authenticity are off the charts.

Second to none meaning and examples
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