Hit on someone

The meaning of the idiom ‘ hit on someone’

Part of speech: verb (phrasal verb)

It’s an idiomatic expression to show someone that you’re sexually attracted to them. You do something to make them realize or you directly give them a hint that you’re interested in them.

When you are hitting on someone, you are basically flirting with someone.

Example 1

Shruti: Your friend Jacob kept hitting on me the entire time at the party. It was weird.
Tina: He is kind of weird in that sense. He hits on almost every girl he knows.

Example 2

I’ll kick you out of this bar if you don’t stop hitting on my friend.

Example 3

Rozzy: You know the guy who was in the black shirt at yesterday’s party was hitting on me.
Rashmi: Are you kidding me? He was hitting on me as well.

Example 4

The guy you have been hitting on for years has been dating your best friend since 2020.

Example 5

How can you hit on a random guy whom you don’t even know?

Example 6

Are you hitting on me? Don’t you know I have a girlfriend already?

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