Common noun quiz

We have already learned what common nouns are. Now, it’s time to put our understanding to the test by trying this common noun quiz.

It is a detailed quiz that tests our knowledge of common nouns, which we have learned from our article on it on the website.


#1. A common noun is ________.

Explanation: A common noun creates a class. It refers to a common/generic name given to something or someone.

#2. Which is a common noun amongst these?

Explanation: It is a common name for a place. There are specific names of schools around the globe. London and Samsung are proper names while love is an abstract noun.

#3. Which is a common noun amongst these?

Explanation: It creates a class of people who curate something or look after something, especially in a museum. Tata Tigor iCNG (a specific name of a car), Zara (a cloth brand name), and Call of Duty (a specific name of a mobile/laptop game) are proper names.

#4. Which one of these is not a common noun?

Explanation: It is the name of a specific/identified place. The others are common names.

#5. Which one of these is not a common noun?

Explanation: It is a proper name, a specific name of a company.

#6. Do you read any ____?

Explanation: The word ‘any’ means ‘one unspecific’. That’s why we need a common noun in the sentence, not a proper noun. ‘The Hindu’ is the proper name of a newspaper.

#7. I know a ___ who can help you with this.

Explanation: The indefinite article ‘a’ indicates that the word going to be used after it is a common noun. ‘Simran’ is a proper noun and can’t be used here.

#8. Which of these is not a feature of a common noun?

Explanation: The definite article ‘the’ is used before a common noun to refer to a specific entity from the set of entities that shares the same features of the common noun.

Ex – The movie was amazing. (talking about a specific movie)
Ex – I didn’t like the gift. (talking about a specific gift)

#9. Which of the sentences does not have a common noun in it?

Explanation: It does not have any common noun in it. It has two proper nouns: Jamie and Joe Rogan.

#10. Which of the sentences has a common noun in it?

Explanation: ‘Food’ is a common noun here. In the first sentence, we have two proper nouns: India and Ireland. And in the last example, we have one abstract noun, that is ‘love‘.


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