‘Having said it’ in a sentence

In this post, we learn how to use ‘having said that’ in a sentence and what it means.

Having said that meaning

This is a common phrase used to introduce something that contradicts what you have said earlier. It is a perfect participle phrase.

Meaning: despite what one just have said or in spite of that

  • Rubi is always calm and composed. Having said that, she got furious when I called her doodoo.

In the beginning, I as the speaker say that Rubi is calm and composed, and then I contradict myself and introduce something that goes against what I’ve just said: she got furious when I called her Doodoo. So, the phrase ‘having said that’ introduces a part that contradicts or opposes what the speaker has just said. But both the statements are true to the speaker.

HAVING SAID THAT examples and explanation
HAVING SAID THAT examples and explanation

More examples:

  • The exam is going to be tougher this time. Having said that, you can still get good grades.
  • Your performance has been remarkable. Having said that, we still think you can get better in some areas.
  • He hasn’t been doing well lately. Having said that, I think he still can be a great asset to our team.
  • This car is extremely expensive. Having said that, I would love to buy it some day as it’s one of the best cars in the world.
  • Juhi never talked to us respectfully. Having said that, she always helped us when we needed it the most.
  • Jon deserves to be fired for abusing the girl. Having said that, he does not deserve to be arrested and beaten.
  • Arpit has always been there for me. He has always helped me in my tough times. Having said that, he sometimes brags about what he has and tries to belittle me.
  • He charges way too much for a class. Having said that, his teaching style is amazing.
  • My father spent way too much on my younger sister’s birthday. Having said that, she deserved it.
  • You are extremely talented and have been excellent at your job. Having said that, you can’t do this.

We can use ‘THAT SAID’ and ‘THAT BEING SAID’ instead of HAVING SAID THAT

The expressions ‘that said’ and ‘that being said’ have the same meaning and are often used in place of having said that.

  • The exam is going to be tougher this time. That said, you can still get good grades.
  • Your performance has been remarkable. That being said, we still think you can get better in some areas.

Avoid using ‘having said that’ in a formal communication

Using ‘having said that’ is very common to introduce something contradictory in spoken English, but we should avoid using it in a formal communication.

We use the following conjunctions for the same purpose:

  • However
  • Despite that
  • Still
  • Regardless
  • However
  • Nevertheless

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