Perfect infinitive masterclass

perfect infinitive in English

This post helps us understand what a perfect infinitive is, and how to use it in a sentence correctly. What is a perfect infinitive in English? A perfect infinitive is …

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Perfect gerund in English

perfect gerund in English

This lesson helps us understand what a perfect gerund is, and how to use it in a sentence. What is a gerund in English? A gerund is an ‘ing‘ form …

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Cleft sentences in English

Cleft sentence

This lesson will help us understand what a cleft sentence is in English, why do we use it, and how we can form a cleft sentence. What is a cleft …

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ADVERBIALS masterclass


This post helps you understand what adverbials are in English, different types of adverbials, and how to use them in a sentence. What are adverbials in English? An adverbial is …

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