Adverbs of frequency in detail

In this post, we learn what adverbs of frequency are, and how to use them in a sentence.

Adverbs of frequency examples
Adverbs of frequency examples

What are adverbs of frequency?

Definition: Adverbs of frequency modify a verb by indicating ‘how often’ or ‘how frequently’ the action takes place. To find the adverbs of frequency in a sentence (if there is any), ask how often the action (verb) takes place.

Some common adverbs of frequency: always, often, sometimes, never, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


  • She never listens to me.
  • Jon often comes here with his friends to play football.
  • He does not reply to my texts sometimes.
  • All of us are getting paid weekly.
  • His parents send him money monthly.

Notice that in the above examples, the first three adverbs of frequency indicate an unspecific or indefinite frequency and the last two indicate a definite frequency.

Types of adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of frequency can be divided into the following two categories:

  1. Indefinite frequency of adverbs
  2. Definite frequency of adverbs

A list of adverbs of Indefinite frequency

  • Always
  • Usually
  • Generally/normally
  • Frequently/often
  • Sometimes
  • Occasionally
  • Rarely
  • Seldom
  • Hardly ever
  • Never
Adverbs of definite frequency
Adverbs of definite frequency


  • He always makes the same mistakes.
  • We usually don’t borrow money from people that we don’t know very well.
  • We generally go to see movies on Sundays.
  • Riya frequently plays the guitar.
  • Do you often throw such parties?
  • My father occasionally watches TV.
  • I know she is cute and likes me, but I won’t message her first. I rarely do that.
  • Arpit, a cabin crew in Qatar Airways, seldom calls me and checks on me.
  • We hardly ever go shopping.
  • You never give me the respect I deserve.

A list of adverbs of definite frequency

  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Fortnightly
  • Twice a week
  • Once every 30 minutes
  • Thrice a year


  • Most English teachers around the world are paid hourly.
  • We will come to see you weekly.
  • They meet monthly and help one another get close to their dreams.
  • The IPL (Indian Premium League) takes place annually.
  • The payments need to be made fortnightly.
  • The live classes will be arranged thrice a week.
  • The nurse will check your oxygen level once every 30 minutes.
  • He takes writing tests thrice a year.

A list of all adverbs of frequency (with placements and examples)

Adverbs of frequencyPlacements in a sentenceExamples
AlwaysAfter the subject• He always gives his best when the team needs him.
UsuallyAfter the subject• Sonali usually sits alone in the class.
Frequently/oftenAfter the subject• Do you often come here?
Sometimes1. After the subject (common)
2. Beginning of the sentence,
3. At the end
Sometimes I don’t like your attitude.
• I sometimes don’t feel like doing anything.
• You give the best ideas sometimes.
Occasionally1. After the subject (common)
2. Beginning of the sentence,
3. At the end
• We all occasionally go skiing.
Occasionally, you should spend some time with yourself.
• I do go live on YouTube, but I do it occasionally.
Rarely1. After the subject (common)
2. At the beginning (rare)
Rarely do we get any time to play cricket.
• I rarely go out without my phone.
Seldom1. After the subject (common)
2. At the beginning (rare)
• She seldom sits with anyone in the class.
Seldom do I watch English movies.
Hardly ever1. After the subject (common)
2. At the beginning (rare)
• We hardly ever went on a picnic in my childhood.
Hardly ever did she speak in the class.
NeverAfter the subject or between the helping verb and main verb • I have never been to Mumbai.
• He never accepts his mistakes.
HourlyAt the end• My mother calls me hourly.
WeeklyAt the end• They call me weekly for the interview classes.
MonthlyAt the end• We will meet monthly.
YearlyAt the end• The books are checked yearly.
QuarterlyAt the end• The company offers a dividend every quarter/ quarterly.
FortnightlyAt the end• We’ll call the kids and check on them fortnightly.
Twice a weekAt the end• I go to my village twice a week.
Once every 30 minutesAt the end• His phone notifies him to drink water once every 30 minutes.
Thrice a yearAt the end• I visit my hometown thrice a year.
A list of adverbs of frequency

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